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A couple of months ago Austin did a photoshoot for YRB Magazine, he looks great! I’ve added 20 medium quality photos to the gallery, make sure to check them out!

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Austin’s Cover Story and Interview with YRB Magazine

Austin Mahone is a STAR!! At only eighteen years of age the talented singer has set his sights on success and isn’t looking back. Starting out posting videos of himself singing on YouTube, the San Antonio native has amassed a legion of over 21 million followers viaTwitter, Instagram, and Facebook. With the release of his latest EP The Secret, featuring the smash hit single “Mmm Yeah”, Austin Mahone is surely on the rise. I recently spoke with the young heartthrob to discuss music, fashion, fame, and the nonstop comparison to Bieber.

Darius: How’s your summer going since the release of The Secret?

Austin: It has been off to a great start. I’m currently in Europe doing promo, and I can’t wait to start my tour in July.

Darius: Of all the international places you’ve traveled so far, what has been your best place abroad?

Austin: I would have to say Italy was my favorite. The food there was amazing.

Darius: Is it safe to say you’re a foodie?

Austin: Absolutely, I love to eat good food.

Darius: The Secret was pretty much entirely produced by hit maker RedOne, why the decision to solely work with him?

Austin: I trust his vision and as you said he’s a hit maker.

Darius: How would you describe your sound?

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Pre-order Austin’s New Book Just How It Happened: My Official Story Now!

Austin’s new book Just How It Happened: My Official Story is now available for pre-order on BarnesAndNoble.com for 50% off now. His book is set to release on Dec. 9th 2014 and is to include exclusive photos of himself in it. So, are you getting your copy? Click here if so, we know we are.

See how Austin went from being a kid from a small town in Texas singing and messing around on YouTube with his friends to headlining his own shows around the world. Complete with exclusive photos and stories from his childhood as well as lots of behind-the-scenes fun, Austin’s first official book will give you the glimpse into his life you can’t get by following him on Twitter. Mahomies, this book is for you!

Austin Sings Shadow en Español en Mexico

I’m trying to learn spanish one song at a time

Exclusive Photos: Austin Mahone At Citi Field

We updated the album below with 10 new high quality photos, that are exclusively for AustinMahone.bz. We would like to thank @Mets for sending them to us. Make sure to check them out!

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Austin Mahone To Release A Book On His Life Story With Exclusive Pictures, Talks About His Upcoming Album

Austin Mahone has asked his fans to help him choose the cover of his upcoming book titled “Just How It Happened: My Official Story.” The 18-year-old is reportedly releasing a book about his journey so far in the music scenario and how he achieved success in life. The book also contains never seen before pictures of the “Mmm Yeah” singer.

Austin, who has a very similar life story as “Baby” singer Justin Bieber, posted a picture of him with two covers of the upcoming book. “I got my own book coming out!!!Let me know which cover you like more. Comment [a hand sign towards right] for the one on the right or [a hand sign towards left] for the one on the left!!! #AustinBook” the singer wrote on Instagram, asking fans to vote for their favorite cover out of the two. Check out the post here.

One cover shows the singer standing with his head slightly bowed down and looking directly into the camera. Austin wears a beige and black casual t-shirt in this cover and looks dapper. The other version of the cover shows a smiling and a carefree-looking Austin in a white t-shirt and black skin fit denims. Most of the Austin’s fans seem to like both the covers equally.

“Been waiting to tell you guys about this for a while,” Austin wrote on Twitter about the book, giving no further information about its release date or anything. Check out the Tweet below.

Meanwhile the teenager is currently touring various cities to promote his debut EP “Secret” and is soon planning to return to Miami to work on his new yet-untitled album, reveals Billboard. For his first full-fledged album, Mahone is reportedly working with Swedish producer Max Martin where the singer is trying out “a lot of different styles.”

The pop star also revealed that he is going to stick to “pop” genre for most part of his new album but will not hesitate to experiment with “EDM, maybe some R&B, different stuff like that,” writes Billboard. The artist also revealed the name of a new EDM-based song from his upcoming album that will be called “Til I Find You,” which “has a real EDM kind of Backstreet Boys feel.” Meanwhile, check out “Secret” below.

Source: IBTimes.com

#TourLife Ep 23 Austin & Rob V get in fight

Robert stands no chance..

Austin Mahone Performing at Citi Field

All Of Me & Secret

Shadow, The One I’ve Waited For & Human Nature

Photos: Austin Mahone Arriving At LAX Airport

Austin Mahone touches down at LAX airport and greets a few fans in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (September 28). I’ve added 17 high and medium quality photos to the gallery, make sure to check them out!

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Austin on Epsiode 28 of Fifth Harmony Takeover!