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Are you willing to help us spread AustinMahone.bz around and get FREE prizes? Well, here is your chance! Prize: Digital Copy of Just How It Happened! ENDS EARLY 2015   Below are steps on how to help us. All it will do is post to your twitter everytime we publish our site with Austin news. […]

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Photos: Austin Arriving At LAX with Robert

Austin Mahone arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles with a big smile on his face on Friday afternoon (December 19). The 18-year-old musician gave a peace sign to the cameras after touching down in the City of Angels before heading to a gym later on in the day — where he attempted and landed […]

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Austin Mahone On Morning Mash Up

Austin Mahone stopped by to Morning Mash Up to talk about his new book, Just How It Happened:My Official Story, as well as what’s next for him in music, his favorite sport growing up, and more! Make sure to check it out above!

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Photos: Austin Mahone Visiting Extra in New York

A few days ago, (10 December) Austin was interviewed by AJ Calloway during his visit to ‘Extra‘ at their New York studios at H&M in Times Square in New York City. I’ve added 18 medium quality photos to the gallery, make sure to check them out! GALLERY LINK: Public Appearances > Events > 2014 > […]